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eye bright 15ml foc deep cleansing gel 20ml (expires: may 2022)

an oil-free hydrating fluid

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product description
product description

Eye Bright 15ml FOC Deep Cleansing Gel 20ml

Eye Bright

SIZE: 15ml

An oil-free hydrating fluid formulated with botanical ingredients to instantly improve skin hydration while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Contains superior hydrating ingredients to intensively restore and maintain optimal hydration in skin.


  • Repair: Borage Oil to restore moisture and repair dry skin
  • Refine: Eyeliss to refine and reduce eye puffiness and dark eye circle
  • Reshield: Bio Phytex to soothe and protect the skin from damaging environmental aggression



Deep Cleansing Gel

SIZE: 20ml

A gentle foamy cleanser that effectively cleanses without over-stripping skin's natural moisture. Contains natural cleansing agent with emollient and skin refining properties to deeply cleanse and purify imbalanced skin condition. Helps reduce skin sensitivity, while protecting skin from daily environmental aggression.


  • Repair: Centella Asiatica Extract contains madecassoside to increase collagen production for repair skin support structure.
  • Refine: Ginseng extract boosts microcirculation to make skin firmer and more radiant.
  • Reshield: Green Tea Extract contains catechin to reduce bacteria activity. Also rich in antioxidant to protect damage the skin from free radical.