100% No Harmful Ingredients and using natural key ingredients in our skincare. Dermatologically Tested. Safe products suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

No Artificial Fragrance– Contains allergen that may cause irritation to skin

No Artificial Colouring– Increases the risk of skin sensitivity and clog pores

No Comedogenic Ingredients– Clog pores and cause acne

No Mineral Oil– Causes acne

No SD Alcohol– Strips of skin’s natural moisture and causes dryness

No Lanolin– Causes irritation and allergy reaction to skin

No Paraben– May link to health risks

  • artificial fragrances

    Artificial fragrances are mixtures of various chemicals that produce a desired scent. But often the ingredients for artificial fragrances are not listed in the ingredients list of products, so you might not know what you really smell like, or worse, what’s been added to your body.

  • artificial colouring

    Artificial Colors are food additives used to provide or enhance characteristic colors in skincare products. They are added to impart specific characteristics and to replace natural colorants that may be difficult for the body to absorb. In general, artificial coloring can be found in cosmetics, candy and beverages.

  • comedogenic mean?

    A comedogenic ingredient is an ingredient that has a high likelihood of clogging the pores. This can lead to blemishes and blackheads in some people, especially those with oily skin.

  • mineral oil

    Mineral oil is a petroleum by-product that is commonly used as an inactive ingredient in moisturizers to prevent products for drying out. It can cause allergic reactions and clogged pores, which lead to acne and redness.

  • SD alcohol

    SD alcohol can dry out your skin, which is not what you want. If you use an SD alcohol-containing product, it may make your skin feel smoother in the short term, but over time it will diminish the quality of your skin. So, play it safe and skip this affordable ingredient.

  • lanolin

    Lanolin, a natural wax found in sheep’s wool and lambskins, is used in skincare products to help moisturize dry, flaky skin. But because of the way it is extracted from sheep’s wool, lanolin has been known to cause allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin.

    Meanwhile, some experts believe that shaving should be avoided if you have especially sensitive skin since this can irritate your face and lead to inflammation as well. It also appears that no studies have been done on lanolin-based products specifically regarding their safety when they come into contact with broken skin or any existing conditions like acne or eczema.

  • paraben

    Parabens have been used as preservatives in skincare products for a long time, but there is growing concern about their safety. Some studies suggest that parabens may be linked to cancer and skin irritation. In our opinion, it’s best to avoid them altogether just to be safe.