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At Clinelle®, we believe true beauty comes when you are happy in your own perfectly healthy skin. Our products are 100% dermatologically tested, free from harmful ingredients and developed with natural key ingredients to deliver results. Safe products suitable for even the most sensitive skin.


  • hot body shaper cream 170ml

    Regular price RM88.90
    Regular price Sale price RM88.90
  • hot body shaper cream 80ml

    Regular price RM49.90
    Regular price Sale price RM49.90
  • bust firming and lifting serum 50ml

    Regular price RM69.90
    Regular price Sale price RM69.90
  • caviar gold firming eye serum 15ml

    Regular price RM105.90
    Regular price Sale price RM105.90
  • caviar gold firming lotion

    Regular price RM63.90
    Regular price Sale price RM63.90
  • caviar gold firming cleanser 100ml

    Regular price RM35.90
    Regular price Sale price RM35.90
  • caviar gold firming serum 30ml

    Regular price RM105.90
    Regular price Sale price RM105.90
  • pureswiss hydracalm cleansing gel 100ml

    Regular price RM29.90
    Regular price Sale price RM29.90
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