common sensitive skin issues

itchy& redness

Redness and itching are the most common issues for people with sensitive skin. Redness can be something that’s present in the skin but not visible to the naked eye, or it can manifest as a rash or hives that are visibly seen on the skin. Redness happens when cells on the surface of your skin get irritated due to hot water, alcohols, chlorine, or other irritants. This can lead to itching and burning sensations as well.

dry & flaky

Dry, flaky skin can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Your sensitive skin is more delicate and prone to chapping and irritation than normal skin. In order to protect it from further damage and give your skin the hydration it needs, choose a gentle cleanser that leaves the skin feeling fresh but not tight or dry.

blemishes & rashes

Many people believe that acne and acne scars, blemishes and rashes are caused by diet and lifestyle choices. While there is a genetic component associated with sensitive skin, the majority of blemishes are either caused by your natural oil production or due to a reaction to products that weren't designed for you.

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