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how to get rid of dry skin?

When you think of dry skin, you probably picture your grandmother’s face. But dry skin isn’t just an age-related condition—it affects almost half the world’s population, and only a quarter of them are actually aware of it. In medical terms, it is called Xerosis. If you feel tight, rough, itchy, scaling, or even cracking of your skin, you probably have dry skin. To get rid of dry skin, you have to understand the causes, effects, and solutions of dry skin.

Exposure to weather or dry air with low humidity can be the most common cause of dry skin. It draws the moisture out of your stratum corneum and impacts badly on your skin. The same happens if you are constantly exposed to air conditioning. To add back some moisture, you might invest in a humidifier in your room or you can just use PureSwiss Thermal Spring Water to spray over your body for instant hydration.

Dry skin is extremely sensitive to irritants and it could worsen redness and itchiness of the skin. You should avoid irritating clothes and laundry detergent that are labeled hypoallergenic. No matter how much you love a sweater, it is not worth it if it is uncomfortable. If it is itchy when you try it on, it is likely that you are not going to get much use out of it if you decide to purchase it. Go with clothes that makes you feel comfortable when you first put them on! Additionally, ensure your clothing is not too tight, due to the fact that chafing can irritate dry skin.

Shorten your bathing time. Prolonged exposure to water during baths or showers can wash away the skin's natural oils and worsen skin dryness. If you get out of the bathroom with a feeling of tight skin, you are dried out. Besides, bathing too frequently also contributes to lipid depletion. Hence, shorten your bath or shower time and reduce the frequency.

For dry skin, your shower is not mandatory to be cold, but it should be warm instead of hot. Although steamy shower feels good and provides a number of health benefits, it is not a good idea for dry skin as it might strip off the body’s natural oil barrier and reduce the amount of moisture in the skin.

After showering, despite drying your body off completely, pat yourself dry with a towel gently and apply a layer of moisturizer right away to trap existing moisture in your skin. One of the biggest mistake that most people do is to not apply moisturizer right after a shower or washing their face. That is the prime time when our facial pores are open and able to absorb more moisture. Moisturizers works best when the skin is wet or damp, as it helps to seal the moisture in the skin. Then, allow the skin to dry naturally so that it can absorb all the moisture.

You should prevent cleaning your face using harsh soaps, it strips away the natural oils from your skin's surface, resulting in dry skin. Hydracalm Caring Milk Cleanser is a mild cleanser that efficiently erases off impurities from the normal-to-dry and dehydrated skin while maintaining your skin's natural moisture. 

Exfoliating is a must for people with dry skin. People tend to believe that exfoliating does more harm than good for dry skin. However, it is necessary to clean up a dead skin barrier that blocks moisture from entering into the skin, replacing it with fresh and moist skin cells. Look for a small and gentle exfoliating scrub, such as Skin Smoothing Scrub with Marine Beads to scrub off dead skin cells up to three times a week. After exfoliating, instead of rubbing your face with a towel that can worsen your dry patches, pat your skin dry with a baby washcloth. Make sure to moisturize your skin directly afterwards to close the opened pores.

Sun exposure is one of the roots that leads to dry skin. To prevent dryness, you may wear a long-sleeved shirt with a wide-brimmed hat to cover your skin from sun damage. You should also mask your face with the UV Defense SPF50 that protects skin from harmful sun rays.

As hormone changes over the years, skin slowly turns thin and parched. Metabolic changes in elderly people are also associated with Xeroxis. You can't turn back the clock, but you can lighten skin aging. Start your day and end your day with CaviarGold Firming Lotion and CaviarGold Firming Cream to hydrate and moisturize deeply into your skin. Click here for information about Clinelle Caviar Gold Range.

To soothe and heal dry skin, you should moisturize your skin. One of the mistakes that most people make is applying moisturizers straightaway on dry skin, which is less likely to work. Do put on moisturizer when the skin is still damp, for example, after showering or bathing so that moisture seals into the skin. Remember to also apply moisturizer to your skin after exfoliating and cleansing your face, as well as every night before going to bed.

Applying a thick layer of moisturizer on your skin is not going to help, you need to moisturize frequently and consistently to cope with dry skin. Keep in mind that the moisturizer should not contain alcohol and fragrances that might strip off the skin's natural oils. The nicer it smells, the more irritants it contains. You need to use a non-alcohol-based moisturizer such as Clinelle Moisturizers to maintain your skin's moisture balance.

Some skin care products or brands are just too harsh for dry skin. In order to maintain your skin’s natural oils, you should stop using products that contains alcohol, fragrance, and retinoids. Here at Clinelle, we provide gentle, unscented, and safe skin care products to ensures happy skin and a happy face!


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