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the myth of “fragrance free”

As a human, we are all attracted to pleasant smells. The first thing most people do when testing a skincare product is to smell it. It feels wonderful to have a product with great aroma, but it doesn't mean anything to good skin care. If you have a sensitive, reddened skin, you need to pay extra attention when choosing skin care products. Your goal is to find an artificial fragrance-free skin care products.

why is good smell a disaster?

Good smell is a disaster at times. The reason behind this is that we use artificial fragrances in products. These fragrances are usually derived from chemicals and they can be harmful for any skin type, particularly problematic for sensitive skin. Fragrances enhance the odor of products without offering any beneficial properties. Artificial fragrance topped the list of causes of allergic reactions in sensitive skin (human). It can result in irritation that may be visible or invisible on skin's surface simultaneously damaging effects of the fragrance are occurring inside your skin. This causes collagen breakdown, disrupts the skin's ability to heal and defend against environmental stresses.

“fragrance-free”? “unscented”?

Perfumes, body sprays and deodorants are mainly made up of alcohol, fragrance and preservatives. If a product claims to be “unscented”, the manufacturer may add some fragrance in it which is still not safe to apply over your skin. On the other hand, if they say it is “fragrance free” then you can use it safely. Perfumes and other SCENTED products can cause many reactions like redness or swelling around eyes, face and throat; difficulty breathing; unexplained rash etc.

Fragrance-free is not just for people with sensitive skin, it's for every skin type. Not everyone reacts to it, but artificial fragrances are the most common allergen found in beauty products. With Clinelle, you can enjoy a safe skincare routine without synthetic ingredients, harmful chemicals and fragrance that can irritate your skin. We promise!

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