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hydration skin kit

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product description
product description

PureSwiss Hydracalm Cleansing Gel (15ml)

A gentlefoamysulfate-free cleanser delicately cleanses impurities & excess sebum without over-stripping skin’s natural moisture. Skin feels refreshed, soft & supple.

PureSwiss Hydracalm Lotion (10ml)

A superbly light texture,water-like hydrating lotion that helps to nourish, refine & plump up skin. The hydrating power of this lotion refines the pores & improves the absorption of subsequent skincare products. Skin is smoother, hydrated & conditioned.

PureSWISS Hydracalm Serum (10ml)

An intensive serum that boosts skin’s hydration & locks in moisture for long-lasting effects. Skin is plumped, moisturized & silky-soft.

PureSWISS Hydracalm Sleeping Mask

A cooling & refreshing light cream gel sleeping mask provides optimum hydration & brightening effects through the night, leaving the skin rejuvenated & refreshed the next day. The unique formula transforms into water droplets when applied on skin. It can be easily absorbed by the skin & leaves it delicately hydrated & supple.



  • 3x hydracalm action
  • Lock in moisture 72 hrs
  • Visible results in 3 days
  • Natural ingredients, non-harmful to skin
  • Hydrates every level of the skin. From top, middle to bottom

*Individual results may vary. Recommended using the complete range of products for better results.


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