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when should start anti aging products?

With the growing number of people using anti-aging products, it's natural to wonder when you should start using them.

The answer is simple: as soon as you start seeing changes in your skin.

As we age, our skin changes. It loses elasticity, becomes drier and less hydrated, and wrinkles start to appear. But these changes aren't just caused by aging—they're also affected by the environment and lifestyle choices we make. Sun exposure can cause wrinkles and discoloration; smoking can cause premature aging; alcohol consumption can dry out your skin; and poor diet can accelerate the process of aging.

Before the age of 20, you should only wear sunscreen. That is because 90% of wrinkles result from sun damage, which can happen to your skin long before you reach age 30. Wearing sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher every day and reapplying it as necessary will help prevent premature wrinkles and unsightly spots. UV Defense 50 can effectively prevent skin from absorbing chemical sunscreen and minimize the impact of sun's harmful UV rays.

The best time to start anti aging products is in the early 20s.

We all know that our skin is at its peak of elasticity and healthy appearance during our early 20s. The high cellular turnover rate results in a fresh and glowing complexion. However, activities such as late-night partying and sun exposure are unavoidable during this phase. These activities come at a cost: fine lines and wrinkles will begin to appear on your face in your late 20s.

It is important to look into your eyes! Some young people already suffer from puffy eyes and dark circles under their eyes. As skin around the eye area is one of the thinnest on the human body, it would cause premature fine lines and wrinkles easily if not cared for properly.

In the 20s, you should begin a journey on eye care. Although you might not have fine lines in your age, but dryness or poor blood circulation may cause problems before they appear. Before the first appearance of fine lines, consider Eye Bright or Caviar Gold Firming Eye Serum that could improve your skin condition and prevent fine lines.

In your 30s, you should begin the comprehensive anti-aging regimen. Apart from hydration and moisturize, you would need to include products that contain peptides that trigger collagen production, which firm, lift, and prevent skin from sagging.

You should also put on Caviar Gold Firming Facial Mask that rich in advanced nutrients to boost skin's elasticity. Antioxidant ingredients are essential for wrinkles prevention.

In your 40s, hormone secretion starts to decline. This can cause your skin to become dehydrated, which can lead to wrinkles. Estrogen levels are diminished, and collagen synthesis slows down after menopause. Neck and décolleté area that often is neglected start wrinkling. You should invest in firming and lifting skincare product that formulated with powerful, effective, and paraben free youth restoring ingredients.

Prevention is better than cure! Even though you might not have an aging problem now, start now to prevent it from happening. Your effort on skin aging process will be reflected on your skin after years.

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